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Traveller's guide

This guide will provide you with some important guidelines when travelling with us!

Ticket validity and pass

New ticket validity and modification policy in force on August 7, 2023

A ticket or monthly pass is non-transferable and non-refundable. Only the person whose name appears on the ticket or pass may use it. Limocar may require a proof of identity to validate the customer’s identity and the name on the ticket.

If you benefit from a discount on the regular fare, a supporting document (proof of age, student card, etc.) may be required by Limocar in order to validate your eligibility for the discount. Limocar reserves the right to refuse a ticket or pass if the fare cannot be justified by the passenger.

An unused ticket in a booklet remains valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. A monthly pass is valid only for the applicable month, regardless of the date of purchase. After these periods, the ticket or pass expires without refund.

You must make sure to reserve your seat for a specific departure online or by contacting Customer Service at Priority will be given at all times to passengers who have reserved their seat on board.

You can use your ticket or pass for any journey between the destinations shown on the ticket or pass. Example: You have a ticket from Sherbrooke to Montreal. You could decide to get off at Longueuil, as this stop is between Sherbrooke and Montreal.

You must follow the direction indicated on your ticket or pass. Example: A ticket from Sherbrooke to Montreal is not valid from Montreal to Sherbrooke.

Ticket modification and pass

A monthly pass is non-transferable and a holder of a monthly pass may not change a ticket or otherwise make a reservation on a date outside the month of validity of the said pass. A monthly pass expires automatically at the end of the month of validity.

The name on a ticket cannot be changed or transferred to another person.

The departure date and time of a ticket may only be changed prior to the scheduled departure time for that ticket, but in no case for a date later than 1 year following its purchase. Requests for changes must be made either via the following website or by calling 819-562-8899 (or toll-free at 1-866-692-8899).

A ticket expires on the date and time of departure indicated on the ticket. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, a ticket cannot be changed after it has expired and is non-refundable.

All tickets expire 365 days after the date of purchase, not the date of modification. An expired ticket is non-refundable.

*Limocar shall have the right to cancel, without refund or compensation of any kind, any ticket, booklet or monthly pass in the event of fraud or if a passenger fails to comply with these terms and conditions.*

Bicycles and Luggages


Passengers are allowed to store for free two pieces of luggage for storage in the bus’s luggage department as well as one hand luggage not exceeding the following dimensions: 9″ X 16″ X 19″ or 23cm X 40cm X 50cm. Each passenger is also entitled to have two extra pieces of luggage at a cost of $5/piece for a one-way trip and $10 for a round trip. We recommend you identify any bagage with a distinctive sign before leaving.



You can travel with your bike only on the express line Sherbrooke – Montreal. You will be charged an additional $15 for this service when you buy your ticket. If you don’t already have a bike bag, we will provide you with one at our selling point for $5.

You can use your own cover or wrapping for the transport of the bicycle. You are responsible of your bicycle during connections with other bus lines.
Shipping a bicycle is also possible. To do so, please refer to the fares and regulations of the Expedibus courier service you will find at

* Bicycle transport unavailable on the local line

Sports equipment
Hockey sticks, skis and golf bags are regarded as a baggage piece. They need to be in their cases or bags, so that no pieces can fall or get out during transportation.

Stroller and Baby car seat
You can travel with a stroller or a baby car seat in addition to your baggage with no additional fee.

Music instruments
Musical instruments must be properly packed and can be accepted in the interior luggage rack (18’’long x 15’’wide x 8’’tall). If the instrument in its casing is too big to be placed inside the bus, it will be placed under the bus with normal luggages.

Luggage restriction at in-city stops
No luggage allowed under the bus (only a carry-on bag is allowed) at the following bus stops (Montreal):

  • Terminus Mansfield
  • Boul. Robert-Bourassa / boul. René-Lévesque
  • Complexe Guy-Favreau

Lost or damaged luggage

Limocar is responsible for $100 per passengers for all lost or damaged luggage. For luggage whose value surpass $100, we advise our customers to ship using Expedibus, please refer to the fares and regulations of the Expedibus courier service (
Limocar limits its responsibility to the trip made on its own roads in conformity with its tarrif provision and limitations.

Prohibited items

  • All animals, except guide dogs and assistance dogs;
  • Explosive or flammable items;
  • Pressurized gas;
  • Batteries with electrolytes;
  • Toxic matter;
  • Infectious or radioactive matter;
  • Weapons or any dangerous item;
  • Drugs and medicine, including cannabis

Children travelling alone

Children aged from 8 to 12 years old may travel alone under certain conditions:

  • Their parent or a guardian must have previously completed the form for “Children traveling alone“.
  • Allow enough time before the departure to fill the form with the agency, terminus or station of departure.
  • The child will travel under the supervision of the driver to their final destination.

As of January 15, children travelling alone can no longer travel from or to the Magog and the Longueuil stops.

Children from 13 years old and older may travel alone, no form is required.

N.B. If your child is boarding from Gare d’autocars de Montréal, when the ticketing is closed make sure to reach for a security guard on site or a clerk at the Expédibus counter to fill the “Children traveling alone” form.

Lost and Found

All items found on the buses will be automatically brought back to Sherbrooke’s Terminus .

To collect your lost item, you must call our customer service at 1 866 692-8899 or by email at

If you believe you have lost something at a specific bus stop, you can call directly at that place. Check our Network to find the stop and their phone number.

Under no circumstances can we be held responsible for anything lost or forgotten on our buses and no refund or compensation will be made.

Passengers with reduced mobility

It is possible for passengers with reduced mobility to travel with us on the entirety of our bus network- hassle free! Some steps are necessary to be taken in order to assure a comfortable trip.

Passengers in a wheelchair
People in wheelchairs can travel with Limocar on the Express line. For the Local line and the Brome-Missisquoi line, an alternative transport will be organized to bring you to a stop on the Express line. Since not all of our autocars are equipped with a lifting platform, you will have to follow these steps:

  • Book your seat on a minimum 72-hour trip in advance by calling 1-866-692-8899 to mention that you will be travelling in a wheelchair.
  • Specify the date and time as well as the point of departure and arrival.
  • Specify if you will be accompanied by an assisting person, a guide dog or an accompanying dog.
  • Make sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before the departure time.

Help with boarding
If you need help to board the bus, please follow the following steps:

  • Make sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before the departure time
  • Be visible for the driver and make it clear that it is your intention to board.
  • Specify to the driver that you need help boarding the bus (and onboarding)

Assisting person
Everyone who holds the Accompanying Card For Intercity Bus Service can, without additional charges, obtain a free ticket to accompany the passenger with reduced mobility.

Contact our customer service by phone or email for any request for companion tickets.

Check the following website for more information, Fédération des transporteurs par autobus.

Guide dog and assisting dog
Guide dogs and assisting dogs accompanying a passenger with reduced mobility, as well as dogs in training, are allowed on board of Limocar’s buses.

Policy on Bus Use

In order to make the trip as enjoyable as possible for all, we ask passengers to respect the following rules. Limocar reserves the right to expel any passenger who breaches any of the rules.


  • Be there at least 15 minutes prior to boarding time.
  • Have in hand your ticket as well as any proof needed (age proof, student ID, etc.) for a special fare.
  • Be there at least 30 minutes in advance if you have to purchase your ticket the same day.
  • Be visible for the driver and make it clear that it is your intention to board.

Respect of other passengers

  • Keep a low tone.
  • Respect our guidelines for the use of electronic devices.
  • Limit your movements in the walking aisle.
  • If you are travelling alone, please leave the seat next to yours free for other passengers.

Food and Beverages
You can bring food or beverages on board as long as you respect the following rules :

  • Throw away your garbage in the garbage bins located at the front and back of the bus or bring them out with you.
  • Keep your seat clean.
  • Heated meals or strong-smelling food are forbidden.
  • It is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages on the bus.

Cigarette and Electronic Cigarette
It is forbidden to smoke or vape (Electronic cigarette) on board.

Intoxication and drunkenness
Limocar reserves the right to expel any passenger who, by their turbulent behaviour, are a nuisance to the driver’s concentration or the peacefulness of the bus and other passengers.

Electronic devices

  • Limit your phone calls and speak with a low tone of voice
  • Activate vibration mode or silent mode.
  • Use headphones.
  • Refrain from using electronic devices in the first few rows so that the driver is not bothered during travelling.


Wi-Fi connection

When traveling with Limocar, you have access to a Wi-Fi connection on board. Please limit the reading of streaming videos in order to allow all passengers to benefit from a fast navigation.

It is also forbidden to consult sites whose content could be considered offensive or illegal.

Limits of responsibility

Limocar offers Wi-Fi service to all passengers traveling on its buses, without any guarantee. Limocar is not responsible for any interruption of service, technical problems preventing the Internet connection, or any virus or damage related to the use of the service.

Incentive Parking

In order to simplify your travels, we offer you many incentive parking options all throughout our bus network. Car drivers can park then ride in peace without the worries of finding and paying for parking.

Terminus de Sherbrooke
Reserved parking spaces are available for customers travelling with us. You can reach the parking Wellington South (our parking spots are located on the level SS4) via Rue du Dépôt street. By purchasing a ticket, you are allowed leave your car in the incentive parking up to 5 days, for free! You can get your parking sticker at the Terminus counter. Please have your ticket in hand if it was bought online. You must provide an additional 15 minutes before boarding to obtain your permit and to park your vehicle. Please note: for the departure from 5:45 am during the week, the Terminus opens at 6:45 am, for the departure from 7:00 am on weekends, the opening time is 8:00 am. So, plan to collect your parking sticker the day before your departure.

Magog (Couche-Tard / sortie 115)
Parking spots are available next to Chez Germain Lapalme & Fils, right in front of the rest stop (2972, Milletta Street), where indicated by the Limocar banner. You must have a parking sticker (available at the Couche-Tard at the rest stop) or your ticket printed and visibly displayed in your vehicle.

You can park for free for as long as desired.

Emplacement arrêt magog

Autoparc 74
An incentive parking is located on the lot adjacent to Autoparc 74, it has more than 200 spaces. The first day is free (by purchasing a ticket), any additional day will be charged $2 each. Maximum of 5 days consecutively.

Parking can be paid at Dépanneur Carrefour 74.

Emplacement arrêt Bromont