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10 tickets

Booklet with 10 Flex 365 tickets, 20% discount on your one-way ticket!

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10 Ticket Booklet

You often travel between Sherbrooke and Montreal? You would like to save on your travel expenses? We have the right thing for you, get our 10 Ticket Booklet and save on your transportation costs! With this, you can travel at a reasonable price exactly when you need it. This offer is for all of our customers to use and enjoy.

Instructions for the purchase and reservation of your seats

Step 1: Purchase the booklet of 10 tickets through the purchase module. Once the transaction is completed, your purchase confirmation will be sent to you by email with an ID number allowing you to reserve your tickets for your next trips.

Step 2: Book your tickets through the purchase module in the Reserve your seat step. You will then have to enter your ID number so that the departures corresponding to your ticket book will be displayed. Once you have selected your departure, you will receive your ticket by email and a ticket will automatically be deducted from your carnet. Repeat this step as many times as you wish for each departure.


  • Get 20 % off the Regular Fare (one-way)
  • Additional discount for students and people older than 60 years old
  • Tickets can be purchased either online or at one of our authorized sellers
  • Various destinations are offered between Sherbrooke and Montreal
  • Tickets will be valid one year after the date of purchase
  • Tickets valid in either directions (Sherbrooke-Montreal, Montreal-Sherbrooke)
  • Save paper by downloading your tickets on your mobile device!

20 %
the Regular Fare (one-way)
+ 25
Per day
incentive parking
For your car


  • Tickets cannot be transferred
  • Tickets is not refundable
  • Valid for 365 days from the date of purchase