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Price increase as of May 27, 2024


Price increase as of  May27, 2024

The cost of Limocar tickets was increased by 20% as of May 27, 2024.


Why the sudden price increase?

All cost related to the service we provide has increase in the past years. It shows in the price of several services such as fuel cost, vehicule maintenance, insurances, etc. This adjustment is required for the sustainabitity of Limocar.

Limocar had not increase it’s prices since 2017, we, since has a small increase, in 2021, hoping that ridership would return to what it was in 2019.

Sadly, it was not the case. Ridership was notably impacted by remote working.

Please note that no further price increase is expected for the upcoming months. We hope that our clients keep on using the service.

We will put a lot of efforts towards ensuring that future price increases are more progressive.


The Limocar team,