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Important changes to the schedule


The new Limocar schedule will be effective as of February 6, 2023. It is now possible to consult the new schedule in the Network and Schedule section of the website.

Important changes concerning the following stations: Montreal Terminus Mansfield, Montreal Complexe Guy-Favreau and Montreal Robert-Bourrassa – René Levesque. A single station will now group together the 3 stations under the name of Montreal (Mansfield, Bourrassa-Lévesque, Favreau). Thus, it will be possible to buy round trips, books of 10 tickets and monthly passes for this station.

It will be important to be careful when selecting the new station. Indeed, it will be up to you to get to the right stops by consulting the schedule. Departures from Montreal station (Mansfield, Bourrassa-Lévesque, Favreau) are at the Terminus Mansfield stop. Drop-offs at the Montreal station (Mansfield, Bourrassa-Lévesque, Favreau) are made first at the Robert Bourrassa/René Levesque stop, followed by the stop at Complexe Guy-Favreau.