Limocar offers free parking in Granby/Bromont and Ange-Gardien

Park and Ride lots

Parking is free in our Park and Ride lots located in Granby/Bromont (Autoparc 74) and Ange-Gardien on Autoroute 10. Travellers park their vehicle and board the express Limocar shuttle to Montreal or Sherbrooke.

Advantages of Park and Ride lots :

Financial: Parking is absolutely free for a period of 24-48 hours ! $0/day! All you need is your ticket for boarding one of our busses. Sweet deal! For the parking at the Sherbooke terminal, you need a parking permit and it’s available at the Counter of the Sherbooke terminal.

Time and serenity: You enjoy your bus trip without having to worry about traffic jams or finding a parking space. And you have plenty of time for yourself. Very relaxing!

And don’t forget, you’re also helping preserve the quality of the air we breathe!

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