Limocar offers free parking in Granby/Bromont and Ange-Gardien

Park and Ride lots

Parking is free in our Park and Ride lots located in Granby/Bromont (Autoparc 74) and Ange-Gardien on Autoroute 10. Travellers park their vehicle and board the express Limocar shuttle to Montreal or Sherbrooke.

Advantages of Park and Ride lots :

Financial: Parking is absolutely free! $0/day! All you need is your ticket for boarding one of our busses. Sweet deal!

Time and serenity: You enjoy your bus trip without having to worry about traffic jams or finding a parking space. And you have plenty of time for yourself. Very relaxing!

And don’t forget, you’re also helping preserve the quality of the air we breathe!

Capacity of our Park and Ride lots:

  • More than 100 spaces at Bromont (2000, rte Pierre-Laporte, Bromont, exit 74 on highway 10)
  • More than 150 spaces at Ange-Gardien (98, rte 235, Ange-Gardien, exit 55 on highway 10)
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