Limocar drivers look after children travelling alone

Children travelling alone

To be able to travel alone on the bus, a child must be at least 8 years old.

In addition, in order for a child to travel alone…

You must accompany the child when purchasing the ticket, and ask to fill out the “Child travelling alone” form (presently only available at our agents). The parent or legal guardian of the child must complete the form (one per child) and sign it, indicating the departure city and final destination of the child. This person must also stay with the child until he or she has boarded the bus.

Children 8 – 12 years old travelling alone can only travel on bus routes without any connections. The driver becomes responsible for the child once he or she is aboard the bus. He assigns a seat to the child where he can keep the latter in full view and he sees to the child’s wellbeing for the entire journey. The child only disembarks at the destination indicated on the form. At destination, the child is handed over to the parent or legal guardian.

From the age of 13 years and older, children can travel alone and take connecting fares.

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