Terms of purchase


Agreement to buy online fare tickets for Limocar services, hereinafter the “Agreement.”

Between: The user purchasing the fare ticket through the Limocar internet site at limocar.ca; hereinafter referred to as: the “User“;
And: Limocar Estrie inc., a corporation duly incorporated having its head office at 720, rue Trotter, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, J3B 8T2; hereinafter referred to as: “Limocar“;
hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Parties.”


The following tickets are available:

  • One-Way / Round Trip Flex 365 Ticket valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase for any departure for the chosen points of departure and destination (example: Montréal-Sherbrooke). Ticket is non-refundable and cannot be modified. The One-Way ticket is valid in one direction only; for example a Montréal-Sherbrooke ticket cannot be used for a trip from Sherbrooke to Montréal.Fare Categories: Adult, Club 60 (60 years and over), Infant (0-4 years), Child (5-12 years), Student (13-17 years and any person with a valid student card from a recognized teaching institution)Delivery method: electronic ticket
  • 10 Trips Booklet Flex 365 Same as One-Way and Round Trip Flex 365, except ticket valid in both directions.Delivery method: either electronic ticket (immediate) or ticket mailed directly to the User’s address.
  • Monthly Pass Unlimited trips for one month from the 1st to the 30th/31st of the month for the same points of departure and destination. Valid in both directions. One fare only.Delivery method: either electronic ticket (immediate) or ticket mailed directly to the User’s address.

To purchase electronic tickets, the User must have the equipment required to print the ticket or to present it using a smartphone. The bar code must be visible. The ticket will be validated by the driver (using a scanner) prior to boarding.

Delivery of tickets to residences on business days (Monday to Friday) only. Calculate normal mail delivery time to receive ticket(s).

Promotion codes can be applied to certain tickets.

Confirmation of the purchase is automatically sent by email. It may also be transmitted by SMS (text messaging) as per the client’s choice. The confirmation notice is not a ticket.

The ticket is valid upon full payment.

All tickets are valid for one designated person only.


Baggage Policy(max 75 pounds by baggage)

Users are allowed to store free two (2) pieces of luggage for storage in the bus’s luggage department as well as one hand luggage (18’’long  x 15’’wide x 8’’tall). Each passenger is also entitled to have two extra pieces of luggage at a cost of $5/piece for a one-way trip and $10 for a round trip.

Travelling with a bicycle (available on the express line only)
Any User travelling with a bicycle must, at the time of purchasing a ticket,  pay a bicycle transportation fee of $5 and purchase either a bag or a box for the bicycle:

  • A bicycle bag costs $5 (available in all terminals)
  • A cardboard box costs $10.00

In accordance with tobacco laws, smoking onboard any bus is prohibited.

Limocar and its employees reserve the right to refuse access to any bus and to expel any User whose behaviour disturbs or endangers the other users or the driver.


Limocar’s liability is limited to $100 per User for any baggage that is lost or damaged. For baggage valued at over $100, the User shall use the Expedibus parcel delivery service and pay the required transportation and insurance fees.

Limocar is only liable for trips made on its own routes and in compliance with its pricing policy and limitations. Any departure, arrival or transfer times communicated or announced by Limocar by any paper or electronic means may be changed without notice and are in no way guaranteed.


Limocar is not liable for any loss or damage suffered by the User as a result of any delay caused by poor weather or road conditions, or traffic congestion. Moreover, Limorcar may not be considered in default of its obligations and is not liable for any damage or delay if such default, damage or delay is the result of any accidental event or Force Majeure.

Force Majeure means any event beyond the control of a PARTY that could not have been reasonably foreseen and against which it could not have protected itself such as, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, natural disasters, epidemics, fires, accidents, acts of war (whether declared or not), insurrections, riots, acts of terrorism, wildcat strikes, partial or total work stoppages or slowdowns, lock-outs, changes in market conditions, power or communication breakdown, interventions by civil or military authorities, non-compliance with any orders of governmental authorities, courts or tribunals or public authorities.


Except for any claim arising from intentional misconduct or gross negligence, or any claim arising from death or bodily injury, the maximum liability of Limocar under this Agreement, whether in respect of contractual or extracontractual liability or on any other issue relating to any product or service provided by Limocar pursuant to this Agreement, shall be limited to the reimbursement of the total amount paid by the User to Limocar.

More precisely, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Limocar shall incur no contractual or extracontractual liability towards the User or any third party for any direct or indirect loss of profits or revenue, the termination of the Agreement or for any other loss or damage, whatsoever, or any damage to the baggage or belongings of a User in connection with this Agreement.


Credit card (Mastercard or Visa)

All amounts referred to in this Agreement are in Canadian dollars. Unless otherwise indicated in the text, the amounts stated in the Agreement do not include the goods and services tax (GST) the Québec sales tax (QST) or any other applicable tax that may be levied on such amounts by public authorities during the term of the Agreement.

All gift certificates, promotion codes or other types of rebates shall apply to the price before taxes.


Limocar shall not refund nor modify any fare ticket, except in the case of a computer or administrative error attributed to Limocar.


The Parties agree that buying a ticket online constitutes acceptance of this Agreement. The Parties agree that the electronic version of the Agreement shall be treated as an original.


The Agreement shall be interpreted, construed, and performed in accordance with the applicable Laws of the Province of Québec and of Canada. Where the Agreement refers to a specific statute, such reference includes all regulations passed pursuant thereto, all amendments relating thereto as well as any statute or regulation that supplements or replaces such statute or regulation. Any reference to a repealed statute shall be considered to refer to the statute and the regulations pursuant thereto as they read immediately prior to the repeal of the statute.


The Parties agree, in respect of any claim or legal proceeding for any purpose whatsoever in connection with the Agreement, to elect the judicial district of Montréal, in the Province of Québec, Canada, as the proper forum for the hearing of said claim or legal proceeding, to the exclusion of any other judicial district that may have jurisdiction to hear such dispute according to the applicable Laws.


The Agreement reflects the entire understanding between the Parties and it supersedes any other written or verbal promise or agreement.


Limocar acknowledges that any of the User’s personal information provided in connection with this Agreement or generated upon completion of the Agreement may only be used in compliance with applicable laws.

The User may, at any time, request that Limocar cease to use all or part of its personal information by sending notice to this effect. Accordingly, unless the User notifies Limocar (in the place provided for this purpose on the limocar.ca site) of its refusal to allow Limocar to use its personal information, the User authorizes Limocar to communicate any document or information regarding its services, special offers or other news related to its business activities.

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