Buying your ticket

Limocar tickets are sold at our authorized agents. You can find their locations at the following link.  You can buy tickets in person, or online by visiting our online purchase section.

No. There is no authorized Limocar agent at the Downtown Terminal (800 de la Gauchetière). You can buy tickets at the ticket office of the Gare d’Autocars de Montréal or make your purchase online on our website.

When buying your tickets in person, you can pay cash at all our ticket outlets. Our authorized agents also accept debit cards and credit cards, but cheques are not accepted.

For online purchases, you can use a credit card (Mastercard or Visa).

You can buy tickets at any of our agents up to one year in advance. You can also buy your ticket the same day as long as you give yourself enough time to get in line to buy it and make it to the boarding platform before departure time.

Online purchases can be made up to the last minute.

When purchasing your ticket, you will find your promotional code in the specially reserved box.

We have fares to satisfy all kinds of needs. For instance, whether you are a frequent traveller or someone who only travels on the weekend, you can purchase a ticket adapted to your situation.

We offer a number of different fares: single fares (one-way and round trip), 10-ticket booklets and a monthly pass. Visit the page describing our different fares to fnd out more.

Yes. Travellers aged 13 to 17 years get a 15% discount on single tickets as well as persons who are able to confirm their student status. To qualify for the discount, you must present a supporting document (proof of age or valid student card) when purchasing your ticket and boarding the bus.

Travellers aged 60 years and over enjoy a 15% discount  on single tickets (special Club 60 fares). You simply present a card with a photo of you that confirms your age when buying your ticket or when boarding the bus.

We cannot guarantee your seat. However, we are very familiar with rush hours and this generally enables us to schedule additional vehicles to handle heavy-traffic days.

To put all the chances on your side, you should arrive at the boarding platform sufficiently in advance, especially during very busy periods (Christmas, Easter, etc.).

Of course. You can buy online tickets for you or for another person. If it’s a 10 tickets book , the passenger’s name must be entered during the purshase process.

You can also buy tickets at a bus terminal. The sale will then be confirmed by fax at the traveller’s departure terminal. In this case, the traveller must present an identity card to collect his/her ticket and board the bus. This service entails an additional non-refundable charge.

Additional information will be forwarded to you by your bus terminal.


You are allowed to store free two pieces of luggage in the bus’s luggage department as well as one hand luggage (which must be stored in the appropriate storage areas on board the bus).

You are also entitled to bring two additional pieces of luggage ($5/piece for a one-way trip and $10/piece for a round trip).

Hockey sticks, skis and golf bags are regarded as a baggage piece.

You can travel with a stroller or a baby car seat in addition to your baggage because they are not considered as a piece of luggage.

Musical instruments must be properly packed and can be accepted in the interior luggage rack (18’’long  x 15’’wide x 8’’tall).

If you have even more luggage, it can be transported by the Expedibus courier service in accordance with applicable fares and regulations. For more information, visit http://www.expedibus.com/en-CA/default.aspx».

Each piece of luggage should be identified by a recognizable sign (sticker, label, adhesive, etc.).

There’s no luggage service at this stops in Montreal: 800 De la Gauchetière University / René-Lévesque and Guy-Favrau complex. Only one hand luggage is allowed.

Yes. You will be charged an additional $5 for this service when you buy your ticket.

You must also buy a bag or a box for your bicycle:

  • A bicycle bag costs $5 (available in all terminals)
  • A cardboard box costs $6.50

Certain carriers only accept cardboard boxes. Inquire about transport conditions at the terminal before your departure.

Shipping a bicycle is also possible. To do so, please refer to the fares and regulations of the Expedibus courier service you will find at http://www.expedibus.com/en-CA/default.aspx

Stops and connections

On-time service and the respect of schedules are top priorities at Limocar. We do everything we can to ensure both, but in the case of an incident, our connections are not guaranteed for delays exceeding 10 minutes.

The Downtown terminal stop is situated at 800 de la Gauchetière. An outdoor sign clearly indicates its location.



Both routes connect Montreal and Sherbrooke. The express route takes between 1h50 to 2h20 and the local route takes about 3h45, given that it includes many more stops along the way.

We have parking lots at Granby/Bromont (Autoparc 74) and at Ange-Gardien on Autoroute 10 that travellers can use for free. From these locations, travellers can take the Limocar express shuttle to Montreal or Sherbrooke.

Refund, modification of tickets

If you bought your ticket at an agent or if it is a Flex 365 ticket, you have up to one year (starting from the date of purchase) to use it. For one-way fares and Flex 365 round-trip tickets, you must respect your selected origin and destination. As for Econo tickets, they are not refundable and are only valid for the time and date of departure selected when purchasing the ticket.

Econo tickets cannot be modified.

Flex 365 tickets can be used at any time over a period of one year, starting from the date of purchase. For one-way and round-trip tickets, you must respect the selected origin and destination.

We do not replace lost or damaged tickets that were bought at one of our agents.

If you purchased your tickets online, you can simply reprint them by accessing your Limocar account and looking in your order history. You can also find these tickets in the email confirming your order.

You can find your electronic tickets by accessing your Limocar account and looking in your order history.

Go to your personal space online under My Orders. In the order history for your 10 tickets, you will see, at the bottom of the page, your statement of account (indicating the number of remaining trips).

Using the bus

You must present your ticket as well as a supporting document if you are benefiting from a discount (student card, driver’s permit, etc.).

No. Only guide dogs or service dogs are allowed on board.

Limocar operates 4 vehicles adapted for persons with limited mobility. You can reserve an adapted bus by contacting us 72 hours in advance at 1(866) 692-8899. On your travel date, you should arrive at least 30 minutes before departure.

In order to make the trip as enjoyable as possible for all, we ask passengers to respect the following rules. It is prohibited to:

  • Eat hot meals or food with a strong odour
  • Smoke
  • Consume alcoholic beverages
  • Circulate in the aisle while the bus is moving (except when necessary)
  • Talk on the telephone (except in an emergency). Your ringer must also be turned off.
  • Listen to music that can be heard by the other passengers

Passengers who refuse to follow these instructions will be warned by the driver and may be required to disembark.

Of course. However, our coaches are not equipped to accommodate baby seats.

If your child is between 8 and 12 years old (inclusively), he/she can travel alone, but only on routes without any connections. To do so, you must fill out a form entitled “Child travelling alone” available only at one of our ticket agents. There must be one form per child. The parent or legal guardian must sign the form and indicate the departure city as well as the destination city. This person must also remain with the child until boarding.

At the location where the child boards the bus, the driver assigns a seat to the child where he/she can be kept in view. The driver ensures the child’s well-being during the trip. The child may only get off the bus at the destination indicated on the form. After arriving at destination, the child is handed over to a parent or legal guardian.

From the age of 13 years and older, children may travel alone and use transfers for connecting routes.

Where can I submit any inquiries I may have?

Our customer service can answer these and other questions. Just call the following toll free number:


For any questions concerning the rental of a bus, contact us at the following number:


Price quotes are sent out within 24 hours following reception of the request. Some delays may occur during heavy-traffic periods (back to school, Holiday period, etc.).

For any comment, suggestion or complaint, please go to contact-us. Your message will be forwarded to the appropriate departments and you will receive a reply within one to five working days.

If you should lose an item aboard a Limocar bus, contact us immediately at the following number:


Please note however that the carrier is not responsible for any items left onboard.

Travellers between 13 and 17 years of age, as well as any person who can confirm their student status, are entitled to a 15% discount on Limocar fares (*). To take advantage of this discount, you must present a supporting document (proof of age with photo or student identification card) when purchasing your ticket or when boarding the bus.

(*): Except on monthly passes.

To date, only a few of our busses are equipped with 110-V electric outlets. However, all our new coaches have electric outlets, so you will certainly have the opportunity to use this service during an upcoming trip as our ageing fleet is progressively replaced with new busses.

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